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Mr C Explosion

A renowned history teacher with an explosion edited behind him at his own request.

I made both the fluid simulation and the smoke/fire material myself, for more information see the contact page.

Final Project

My graduation project for high school.

Looping animation with sound.

Marvel Disintergation

A basemesh disintegrating Marvel-style.

Looping animation.

Robot Arm

A curious robot arm looking around.

Looping animation.

El Cora

A photorealistic animation of a photoscanned crocodile skull from a crocodile sanctuary located in Bucerías, Mexico.


A tank firing.

Looping animation with sound.

Holo Tie

A hologram of a TIE Fighter from Star Wars.

Looping animation.

WALL-E Intro

This was my attempt at something similar to the intro of the movie WALL-E by Pixar.

Looping animation.

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